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Our flexible multi-strand glass fiber optic light guide comprises roughly 800 premium glass fibers.

The fibers are encased in a heavy-duty OE-grade white sheathing.

Our standard product is a 2.3M=7.5' welted light guide designed to easily connect to your projects.

  • We use double-polished FR clear industrial-grade vinyl to make our welted GloTrim
  • Add to your project easily: sew, staple, glue, etc.
  • If sewing, a standard 3/16th piping foot can be used.


A set of RGB Bluetooth LEDs come with a kit. The LEDs have multiple ways to control they are 12v auto-grade.


If you need more LEDs please visit our LED Product page


GloTrim products offer premium lighting solutions for designers, makers, and anyone who wants perfect luxury glass lighting.


GloTrim welted light guides are engineered primarily for automotive applications, but can be used anywhere!


The possibilities are endless!

GT-1 TAB Welted Light Guide KIT

  • This listing is for a single GT-1 GloTrim single tab. (pipped variant) welting. 

    Make sure to go over to our LED store page and pick up two LEDs - 1 for each end and you will get the most even consistant light through the GT light pipe than any other fiber optic product available on the market. 

    This is not for the GT-2 dual tab variant (in-seam) that is a different listing

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