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First GloTrim Bar Gaming Stool

In Wisconsin we have some pretty crazy laws in place when it comes to gaming inside of bars and gas stations. Many places you go to they will not give you your rightful payout if you win some coin on the same day- some bar owners and operators won't even pay you out at all if you win this is a fight between the federal government and state government that the people are in the crosshairs of. But in West Bend, WI (close to the GloTrim HQ), are three fantastic bars owned by a really great guy named Jeremy Hahn.

The inferno, the garden lounge, and the newly opened and beautiful boardroom. Jeremy saw our product and instantly wanted like most lotion clients to bring the best atmosphere as well as a very good draw to his gaming machines specifically we are starting with the inferno room.

As I am sure you could guess inferno means color scheme red Seville Auto Trim and glotrim products used the red sheathed glow trim light guides with red LEDs to light up the back of these gaming chairs. I dropped it off last weekend the first prototype and it was a hit we are excited to light up the rest of the chairs at The inferno room but Jeremy was smart and he color coded his bars so the garden lounge is green and the boardroom is blue therefore all of these games that he has inside of the bars can be color coordinated with our glow trim LEDs green and blue and red! No one likes to waste their time and I will tell you what this is not a waste of time glotrim can go anywhere it's great that like most of our clientele recognize that there was a product out there that he wanted his customers to be able to see and be wowed by. In our opinion that makes a good businessman/woman! So thank you Jeremy for being you 👍 and we are very glad that you like the first prototype and we are working on your second stool as we speak and are very excited to light up the rest of his bars!


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