Behind the GLO

Seville Auto Trim is an automotive upholstery company located in south eastern Wisconsin. Seville Auto Trimmers are dedicated to the art of restoration and recovery of vintage and classic era automotive interiors as well as an emphasis on custom upholstery design.







GloTrim is a division of Seville Auto Trim focused on enhancing the appearance of soft trim materials and surfaces using fiber optic based LED lighting.  After participating in several major OEM projects, Seville Auto Trim identified the desire in the market to accent older, current, and future vehicle interior spaces with light.  Hence, GloTrim was started. 

GloTrim’s aim is to provide the best premium soft trim lighting solutions for distinguished customers by offering kits, consultation, integration, and custom services. 

Seville Auto Trim has always focused on providing premium, one of a kind upholstery services to clients looking for a "Custom" look. Taking that knowledge & experience Seville Auto Trim created a product that pushes the boundary of custom interior design to the next level.

GloTrim fiber optic lighting kits have been designed to be easily integrated into any 12 Volt system. GloTrim provides company's in the automotive aftermarket (as well as many other industries!) the tools and resources to craft new, exciting and desirable products of their own.

GloTrim is used in:


  • Custom Motorcycle Seating 

  • Snowmobiles

  • ATV's

  • Coach Bus Interiors

  • Theatrical Lighting

  • Bar top Designs

  • Indirect Lighting Applications  

  • Door Panels

  • Headliner Designs

  • and many other applications

    Bring us your ideas, and we will bring them to light!


Seville Auto Trim LLC

GLO-TRIM Fiber Optics & Lighting Solutions

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